Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Bookshelf

The new library is having more bookshelves installed today, this is an additional 432 feet of bookshelf. We will now have over 1512 linear feet of bookshelf at our library at 7343 Ronson Rd. Suite O.

This additional bookshelf puts our bookshelf length to over 1/4 mile if laid end to end.

The library has 11,000 books, over 1,000 periodical titles and a large collection of various data cd's. We have 16 four drawer filing cabinets with various items. There are 9 cabinets of cataloged material, 5 cabinets of researchers raw notes and 2 cabinets with Society members pedigree charts. These pedigree charts go back to our original membership in 1946.

A wealth of research material.

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