Monday, November 9, 2009

Free meal at Applebee's

I realize this entry has nothing to do with the San Diego Genealogical Society or even genealogy, but I'm a veteran and think this is a good deal for all hands.

On Veteran's Day, Wednesday, 11 Nov 2009, Applebee's is giving a free meal to all active duty military and veterans. The proof of prior military duty is pretty light too. One way to prove military duty is to bring a photo of yourself in uniform!

I couldn't find a list of specific locations that are offering the freebie, but since the free menu is limited to one of six entrees I assume most stores are offering it.

Take a look at the Applebee's - Veterans Eat Free webpage.

Update: I just called an Applebee's in San Diego to inquire about the freebie. The manager at the location I called said that all of the San Diego Applebee's are honoring the promotion.

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  1. Thanks for posting this! What a nice way to say thank you to our service folk, both present and past!