Friday, February 26, 2010

"Who Do You Think You Are"

This Friday, 5 March 2010, at 8 p.m. NBC will premier their version of the British series Who Do You Think You Are. The series is seven episodes featuring the genealogy and genealogical research of seven well known celebrities. There are five actors, a director and a retired professional football player. The series is produced by Lisa Kudrow.

NBC and have collaborated in the production and research of the genealogies. Both entities have interesting web pages about the series and brief biographies about the families they researched.

Below are some links to the main pages promoting the series and a link to a 3:41 minute preview done by Lisa Kudrow.

The first link is to the main NBC site about the series, "Who Do You Think You Are"

One of the pages at that site has the Lisa Kudrow video but I will give you the direct link because I liked it. Lisa Kudrow preview's link is aimed at getting people like me to plug the series but, once again, I found it interesting. Spread the Word

I plan on watching.

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