Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Los Angeles Public Library bus trip

The bus trip to the Los Angeles Public Library on 20 March needs more riders!

The special events chairperson said that the trip is in jeopardy because there have not been enough people sign up. If you are considering going, contact Kris immediately. There is a flier application at LA Public Library trip. The flier also has contact information for Kris. She needs to know by Friday 12 March!

The Los Angeles Public Library has one of the largest collections of City Directories in Southern California. If you had ancestors in a city between censuses that published a City Directory you need to go to LA. The library also has extensive collection of county histories that could be of use.

Even if the two items I mentioned don't excite you, just go along for an enjoyable day and support SDGS.


  1. For anyone wondering, we have just enough people registered as of today to pay for the bus trip - if you wanted to go, but forgot to send your registration in on time, you are still welcome to go - just show up at one of the two bus pick- up sites and pay there. Please call me an d let me know if you are coming so I know to look for you... Kris McCollough 6198202552

  2. I was a first-timer to this place, but it most certainly won't be my last! so much to follow up on...and this is definitely the way to go - if I had driven there it would have cost me more in gas and parking and I would have had to mess with the typical LA traffic that I saw, but did not stress over because I wasn't driving.