Sunday, February 26, 2012

Indexing the 1940 census

As previously posted San Diego Genealogical Society is a participating society in the 1940 census project.

Today I logged into the indexing software to get some general practice. When I downloaded a batch of records to work on I noticed there were some 1940 practice batches. Since the census will not be released until 2 April these may have been dummy records. That doesn't matter because it gave me a chance to see what will be expected.

The main thing I noticed was that there will be 40 lines per page. That means 40 records per batch which is entirely manageable. It should take less than an hour to index a full page.

The information that the indexer will be required to enter are the Sheet number and side number. That only has to be entered one time.

From the "guts" of the page the following fields are entered.

Line nr, household number, last name, first name, title, position in household, sex, marital status, age, birth city, residence city, res county and res state. The last three fields are for the year 1935.

If you are ready to volunteer go to The 1940 Census webpage and sign up. When you are filling out the registration make sure you select San Diego Genealogical Society as your favored group.

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