Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Something New

We are trying something new. Please post a comment concerning your research that you may be having trouble with. Such as you may not know where to start to locate an ancestor or you have missing links and need just a generation or two to keep you moving. Another SDGS member may be able to help you with some suggestions on how or where you might look. Sometimes just another person looking at what you have with fresh eyes may be all you need.
Also other members may be interested in your trips that you have taken regarding your genealogy research and what you discovered. Several members while on genealogical vacations have stumbled on the answers to their "brickwalls" while walking in cemeteries.
Happy Hunting!!!!

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  1. No brick wall or great genealogy discovery, just a little serendipitous moment.

    This past summer I was travelling through Oskaloosa, Iowa on business. Oskaloosa is a town of a little over 11,000 population in the southeast quadrant of the state. I have a 4th cousin once removed in Oskaloosa.

    I had been corresponding with his wife in regards to our genealogy and decided to stop for lunch on my way through.

    I figured Big Ed's BBQ would be a good place to eat, provided the bbq was decent. It was.

    While I was waiting for my ribs I decided to peruse the telephone book in search for a phone number. I couldn't definitely limit myself to one number so I figured I would write it off.

    As I paid for lunch the waitress asked if everything was o.k. and I mentioned that the lunch was great but my search of the phone book was unsatisfactory as I had been unable to locate the person I was looking for.

    Another lady asked who I had been trying to find and I mentioned my cousins wife.

    The proverbial hush seemed to fall over the place and I thought I noticed another customer begin to pay attention.

    We discussed why I was looking for this particular person and I mentioned that I had been corresponding about genealogy.

    At that time the other customer joined in and said that my quarry was the customers sister!

    We chatted for a few minutes and she invited me to a small family reunion the following week in Denver and I found some more cousins I didn't know existed!

    That reunion was quite interesting and had its own serendipitous moment, which will have to wait til a later date.