Saturday, October 17, 2009

Moving and Volunteerism

Here's a note that was sent to us.

The last couple of weeks or so I observed something interesting!

Maybe you will get some thoughts from it also!

Being involved in Genealogy research and finding many interesting stories of how our forefathers lived, suffered, and fought for existence and in many cases died just to be able to pass on something better to later generations, I belong to some Genealogical societies where I get help and resources to find these long ago interesting enlightening events!

Members of these genealogy organizations go out of their way to help others find things from the past and pass on the knowledge they have gained during years of research to newcomers, free of charge and with enthusiasm! 

One of these organizations, the San Diego Genealogical Society I belong to, operates out of a small commercial location and in addition to doing the things described above, they have a library consisting of donated books (history, statistical informational, biographical), periodicals, digital media, etc.

Well as time passes and space and other things dictate the need for it, they are moving to an other location!

I just mentioned books didn't I? Would you believe somewhere between 11 and 15 thousand items?

Like most small organizations, there is a budget, the present economy to consider,and many many restrictions and decisions to make things happen. In this case great leadership and planning certainly was an asset and it showed, but what could be a great help to get things done at least cost?

This is where I observed that" something interesting" I mentioned!


Seeing some young, many middle aged and elderly individuals load 41 special carts with books from shelves and from carts back to shelves later after pushing-pulling these carts weighing many hundreds of pounds around to line them up for professional movers, it made me realize what a relative small group of people can accomplish!

Just think, put those electronic gadgets that are being stared at all day aside for a bit and do something like these many ladies (and men) did..., help someone to accomplish something that otherwise would be difficult, and do so as a volunteer!

On weekends everybody seemed to want to help young and old, male and female but on this week-work day I witnessed 15 to 20 Ladies accomplish an impossible job that had to be finished so the 41 carts could be returned that day!  They all looked very tired but with satisfied smiles on their face!

Just think, what  several million people could accomplish, doing something for somebody else for a few hours?

Jack Van Wingerden

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  1. Note, The article about the SDGS library move was written for a webpage audience most likely not familiar with Genealogy, so that hopefully they could learn about two things, Genealogy and volunteering!
    Jack v W.