Monday, December 7, 2009

Not about genealogy

This nothing about genealogy, but I just have to vent.

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that postings would be sparse as I would be in Nebraska.

Well, here I am trying to get the corn harvested. Except that yesterday it started snowing. Fortunately it only snowed about an inch. Unfortunately, last night it decided to get cold! This morning it is -10 degrees F! That is just a little bit too cold for most Nebraskan let alone this southern California boy.

The snow yesterday was just a precursor of tonights predicted storm. We are supposed to get more snow tonight and tomorrow, Tuesday, with amounts up to 6 inches. That will put a bigger damper on the corn harvest. If we don't get a lot of snow and the temperature stays below freezing we should be able to get back in the field to continue the harvest.

Oh, I also have to be a pall bearer tomorrow. I certainly am not looking forward to that for a number of reasons.


I just heard on the radio there is a winter storm warning from 6 p.m. today until 6 a.m. WEDNESDAY! The high temps are only supposed 15 deg. The normal low is 17 deg.

More ugh!

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  1. The weather outside is lovely! Absolutely lovely! Here in San Diego. Don't we wish Chris was here to enjoy it? Miss him! As librarian, I thought I ought to say a word or too on the blog now and then, but am a real novice at adding to these things.
    I came up with a bad feeling on the way to the library on Tuesday the 15th, and decided I didn't need to spread whatever I was coming down with to others, so went back home. Left a message there saying I would be back on the 29th of Dec. Being tired is no way to fight an on-coming cold. Feeling better, but am staying home anyway. Sorry if it is causing any inconvience to members, but feel like taking a break before starting a very busy year in 2010. See eveyone in the library then. Meanwhile, let's all hope the weather stays nice in San Diego and improves in Nebraska so Chris can come home. Pam