Thursday, December 3, 2009

The SDGS Newsletter is on the streets

I got the electronic version of the December 2009 newsletter yesterday. Most of you should have received your hard copy by now. If you are reading this blog, and are a member of SDGS, why not consider getting just the electronic version of the newsletter. Marna sends the pdf to her mailing list when she get the e-newsletter. Getting it by email saves the society postage.

I might be walking on thin ice mentioning the electronic version. If half of our members were reading this and decided to go electronic, the society might lose its ability to get a discounted postage rate. It seems I overheard that once. (Not that I am listening where I am not supposed to.) (There is also another "stretch" in this para. I know half of our members are not reading this blog!)

Getting back to the newsletter. On page one there is an article about the opening of the new library. If you haven't seen it yet run out to 7343 Ronson Road, Suite O and take a look. Your door code there is the same as in El Cajon. The coded door is at the rear of the library. (Makes one wonder why we have to use the "back door".) There is an article and synopsis about the speaker at our Annual meeting on 9 Jan 2010. The meeting is at the Crowne Plaza Hotel and Resort, 2270 Hotel Circle North. The Taylor Street exit from I-8 is the closest exit. There is a meeting reservation form attached to the newsletter if you haven't signed up yet. We are at the Crowne Plaza this year because the Handlery Hotel is under going renovation.

Page two has the board of directors listed and the Presidents Message.

On page three the librarian, Pam Journey, has an article about the library move and names some of the members who helped with that evolution. Randy Seaver did a bang up job of reviewing the November seminar at the Handlery Hotel.

Page four has an article explaining the changes in the Ralph's Community Contribution Program. In short, you have to re-register your Ralph's card in order for the Society to continue getting the big bucks from our members grocery shopping. The article explains the registration in detail. I have already done it, so it must be easy. There are also articles on Free Online Queries, how to register at Google for your own FREE website space and an article about a free online backup service. If you don't have some kind of backup plan, you're playing with fire. You will probably need a backup eventually.

Page five has a short article I wrote about the Societies different sites on the net. The "From Our Members" column has the advice our members would offer to new genealogists. An article from "How Green Was My Valley" called "The Meaning of Life" and the Library's Holiday Hours.

Page six lists coming events and new members to the society. Randy's meeting review continues. Page seven is the list of new books at the library.

I guess I am going to have to read this one.

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