Monday, January 18, 2010

Photocopying at SDGS

The SDGS has our photo-copying easel assembled and the software installed on a computer. Now we need a solid list of volunteers for copying duties.

To refresh your memory, loaned us a photo-copying easel, camera and software after their seminar in November. The SDGS is to scan items that can be used for genealogical research for Ancestry to make available on the net. If we can come up with enough suitable documents we can keep the equipment. If we don't produce, we will have to return the easel and camera.

To familiarize myself with using the equipment I have scanned a book of mortuary records and one of two books of burial permits. These items are part of the library's collection. We will send the images to Ancestry and they will index them and make the images and index part of their online databases. I am not familiar with the partnership agreement but I think Ancestry will also provide us with a copy of the index when it is done. Of course we also have all of the images.

If all of the people who scanned images at the seminar will send an email to the SDGS blog email I would appreciate it. If you want to volunteer to help with scanning let us know. I will schedule some equipment and software familiarization before we get to work.

If you know of any databases we can create we need to know. The easiest information to scan is card file information. If we can access large card file databases we can get a lot of ground covered. I've only used the device for a few hours and photographed over 2500 documents.

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