Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wednesday at the Library

From the mailbag:

‘Wednesday at the Library,’ a new series of ongoing genealogy classes, begin February 3rd ( 10 am -12 pm ) at the San Diego Genealogical Society Library, 7343 Ronson Road , Suite O. All members are invited to attend. There is no charge for any of the classes. Donations to help cover the cost of handouts will be accepted.

The following lists of topics are tentative. The SDGS Newsletter and online calendar will have the up-to-date list of class topics.

1st Wednesday of each month – genealogy research topics

1. Making a plan (Feb 3)
2. Record keeping / Organizing (Mar)
3. Bibliographies / Indexes (Apr)
4. Church records / cemeteries (May)
5. Passenger lists (June)
6. County History books (July)
7. Land / Homestead Act (Aug)
8. Probate records (Sept)
9. Military records (Oct)
10. Newspaper research (Nov)

Other possible topics: Genealogy research libraries, PERSI / Periodicals, timelines, Patriotic Societies

2nd Wednesday of each month – general computer use topics (led by Dave Tooley, assisted by Lance Dohe )

1. Computer file management (Feb 10)
2. Scanner help
3. Moving data to CDs
4. Backup systems
5. Browser basics / e-mail
6. Printer controls
7. Mac users
8. Image keeping
9. Understanding Microsoft basics
10. How to deal with Tech help

3rd Wednesday of each month – location specific genealogy research (how to get started with genealogical research in this area)

1. Germanic peoples (Feb 17)
2. English / Wales
3. Canada
4. America Indian
5. Czech-Slovakia
6. Spain / Mexico / Hispanic
7. Denmark / Sweden / Norway
8. Ireland/Scotland
9. San Diego County
10. Poland / Russia / Hungry

4th Wednesday of each month – tearing down ‘brick walls’ together

Attendees are encouraged to bring one ‘brick wall’ they want help with. After a ‘round robin’ of describing the research problems, a facilitator will lead a discussion, with suggestions for solving specific problems. Time for using the SDGS library materials will be available. People with similar problems can work together. Hopefully, some problems will be on their way to being solved.

Input from members about other desired class topics is welcome and solicited.

To sign up for any class, call the SDGS library, (858) 279-7347, or e-mail sdgs@att.net . Please include your name, telephone number, e-mail, and the class you are interested in attending. Enrollment is limited to 15 people per class.

Members with expertise in any of the subject areas are encouraged to share their knowledge by teaching one of the classes. Please contact me about this if you are interested.

We encourage your participation in these ‘Wednesday at the Library’ classes. Please feel free to sign up for all of the classes that interest you, bring a friend, make use of the San Diego Genealogical Society ’s wonderful library and resources, and have fun!

See you on ‘Wednesday at the Library.’


Pam Journey
Library Director

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