Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'd better get back to work

I am back from my summer in Nebraska. I had only planned on being gone for two months but that dragged on to almost four months. My online time was limited to only about 2 hours a day so I certainly didn't spend much of it doing SDGS stuff.

A lot has happened at SDGS during my stay in the hinterlands.

There is a major change coming concerning the people who come to the Rootsmagic Users Group before each monthly meeting.

I don't know if the change in the monthly meeting schedule has been promulgated, but you will get it, unofficially, right here.

Effective with the February meeting we will start the regular meetings at 10 A.M. and be finished by 1 P.M.

That means that the RootsMagic Users Group will not be held before each meeting. We are going to have to come up with some other time and place.

I am considering changing to meeting at the SDGS library at 7347 Ronson Rd, Suite O. That will be a pain for you folks that live in the East County. However it is pretty easy to get to the library.

As for meeting time I am looking at the 4th Saturday of the month. Our monthly meeting is on the 2nd Saturday and several of us go to the CGSSD meeting on the 3rd Saturday. There is a Senior Computer Users group that meets in Mission Beach on the 1st Saturday, I think. I don't know of anything on the 4th Saturday.

I chose Saturday as there is not a lot happening at the SDGS library on Saturday and the freeway traffic is usually lighter than during the week.

Go ahead and post any comments here. I will also discuss this at our November 13 monthly meeting.

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