Monday, November 22, 2010

A Shameless Plea

This is probably getting a little bit late in the season but it is worth a shot.

The Society is affiliated with as a means to help us raise money for the Society. We have talked about in the past so I will just mention that if you sign up with I-Give then do your online shopping from their list of stores, the Society will get a small kickback for everything you purchase.

A quick sampling of stores and the percentage of rebate to the Society:

Barnes & Noble or Borders 2.4%, Cabela's 1.6%, Dell Business or Dell Home .8%, Harry & David 4.8%. If you use Turbo Tax buy it online through I-Give and the Society will get 6% of your purchase price. If you just get the free version through your I-Give account the society will get $0.40! If you don't have an online back-up system yet, subscribe to and they will kickback 12%.

For you out of towners who will be coming to the Annual Meeting and Seminar on 8 January, 2011 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, book your reservation through I-Give and the Society will get 3.2% of your cost.

The nice thing is that by going through the Society raises needed money but it does not add anything to your bill. It's an easy way to donate to the society.

Just go to and look around. If you want to sign up in the "Find a Cause" form search on California, All Cause Types and the keyword Genealogical. Our society is the first one listed.

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